Lamps and headaches part 1

Our dining area. To have such a large window facing the street is a remnant from the time when our house was still a shop.

Our dining area. The large window facing the street is a remnant from the time when our house was still a shop.

Lamps. Difficult. Need I say more?

To decide on the right lamp for the right space, is probably the one thing that is taking me ages, and involves headaches, sleepless nights and an empty wallet. For our house, we are aiming for a mid-century / Scandinavian look, but I don’t want to adhere to one style too strictly. In my opinion, our house looks best with a few very simple, bold items. The house has so many original features (stained glass: check; exposed brick wall: check) that it is easy to overdo.

And then there is budget. Because, boy, lamps are expensive!

Let’s start with an easy pick, because I already own the perfect lamp for the dining area. I purchased a vintage Fog and Mørup Semi (a design by Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup, reproductions are currently produced by Gubi) last year for close to nothing via the Dutch equivalent of Craigslist. I even bought a second, smaller one with it, which is probably a copy.

Semi 2

To be honest, before I bought the lamp, I never saw one in real life. And I can’t say I was really fond of it; here in the Netherlands the Semi goes under the nickname of ’witch hat’, and I’ve often seen it mentioned as the trumpet lamp. Both nicknames kind of ruined the lamp for me. I guess I am not that into fairytales and a trumpet sounds like a lot of noise. Since the bargain was just too good to let it pass, I just placed a very low bid, and luckily the seller sold both lamps to me without further bargaining. I didn’t even consult my boyfriend, named R.; I convinced him that I would make some profit on both lamps by selling them for a better price. I think I even tried to convince myself with that argument.

It was only after the lamp entered our house that I saw the full potential. This is a great lamp, perfect for a dining area, and when used with a silver-cupped LED lamp, the light is just beautiful and soft. Its slender design is perfect and simple.

The dining area is work in progress. I am still on the lookout for a new set of chairs (in fact, I only need the top part, I already purchased 4 black Eames Eiffel bases, now I need to magically find some fiberglass shells. Hmm, maybe I could use some fairytale magic after all).

I do expect this post to be the first of a serial on this subject, involving lots of tears, moments of rage and true love. Soap opera style. Guaranteed.

p.s. 1: a great background article on the Semi can be found here.

p.s. 2: I placed a little hallway lamp sneak peak on Instagram this week!


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