Inspiration and reality


Moving into a new home is the time for big interior decisions. We moved into our house in December, and because we also became house owners, it felt like this was the place where all my years of dreaming, imagining and craving would come to its summit. This would be the home where all my interior dreams would be fulfilled.

We live in a place with a history, a former tobacco store build around 1890. As soon as we entered our new place, It hit me: this is not a home that needs gadgets or gimmicks to look great. An interior doesn’t make the place, but should complement it. In an old house like ours, full with details, deciding on the interior is a matter of carefully balancing all the options until you come up with a perfect set-up to fit the house and the people living in it like a glove. The inspiration I gathered throughout the year turned out to be more like a guidebook than book of rules.

And I am happy with that. Suddenly, inspiration is so much more than just flipping through pages or pinning like a maniac. Inspiration is nothing more and nothing less than a start.

I am so much looking forward to our life in this place.


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